Kitchen Design Calgary

Kitchen design and remodels are the most rewarding renovation in the industry and will always increase the value of your home. Your kitchen is not only the heart of your home; it is often the most visible to guests and also the most utilized area. A kitchen renovation can be anything from a budget friendly facelift to a completely new custom kitchen design.

Kitchen cabinetry is the most prominent feature in any kitchen; it takes up most of the wall space and is essential for kitchen storage. A functional kitchen with adequate storage will feel and show better than one that does not. The overall look and feel of your kitchen will greatly influenced by the style and type of cabinetry that choose – Kara Interior Design is here to help you reach your kitchen design goals.

Our design team knows valuable tips of the trade that will help extend your budget farther. We can save you money by updating your existing kitchen - by simply refinishing or refacing your cabinetry, and or upgrading granite, backsplash and hardware we can make your kitchen look new again.

Whether you need assistance with kitchen design selections such as cabinet finishes, selecting cabinet door styles, stone countertops, appliances or backsplash designs, Kara Interior Design will work with you every step of the way to make your kitchen design dreams a reality. We can define a new space for you by designing a new custom layout, fully equipped with the latest bells and whistles to give you the kitchen design of your dreams.

We offer a variety of cabinet doors styles from flat slab panel doors to five-piece cabinet door designs. We can help you choose a door style to fit your personality and lifestyle. From Modern flat and shaker doors, which are sleek and easy to care for; to raised square panel doors for a more detailed and traditional style – we can find the door style that is right for you. All cabinet door styles are available in the following finishes and materials:


Color is everywhere; it surrounds us, engulfs us, and most importantly affects our mood. Color is changed by light, not only the amount of light but the type of light. Color is also influenced by other colors in its presence. It takes many years of experience to select the perfect tone or tint. Kara Interior Design will help you select a color scheme for your entire project or assist in the selection the most dramatic accent color to make your design come to life.

Bring your one of a kind your kitchen to life by selecting custom designed lacquer or stain colors. This is the perfect way to create your own unique space that reflects your personality and flare. Kara’s specialty solid lacquer collection features a variety white, neutrals, grey and BOLD color options. Whether used full scale throughout the cabinetry, contrasting islands, or just accent cabinets and molding, these exciting paint colors open the door for more unique kitchen designs and custom elevated looks. Painted cabinets add a distinctive style to any kitchen. Many paint colors can be combined with traditional stain colors to provide accents and highlights. Whether you're looking to enhance, brighten or completely change the look of your kitchen – painted cabinets certainly open up a wealth of design options.

Wood Types & Door Styles

When choosing the wood type, it all comes down to color and grain. All woods can be classified as hard or soft. Hardwood typically comes from leafy trees such as oak, maple, cherry, etc. And softwood typically refers to needle-bearing trees such as pine and cedar. Every wood type has unique color variations that will affect staining and shading differently.

Grain refers to the overall texture and pattern that you see in your wood type. The finish you choose can enhance or mask your chosen wood type, which is why it is always important to speak with a professional Kitchen Designer. At Kara Interior Design we can help you choose the type of wood that will best suit the overall space and functionality of your home.

There are many things to consider when designing your kitchen, but by far the greatest impression will be left by your door style. There is a door style for every taste, from traditional to modern, and everywhere in between. Kara interior design offers the following door styles in either a raised panel or flat panel. Optional recessed finger-pulls can be added.


Our home design centre carries a wide variety of quartz, granite, marble, ceramic, natural stone and glass tiles. Specializing in manufacturing and installing kitchen countertops, vanities, tables, shower surroundings and fireplaces, we are certain we'll be able to bring that custom design appearance to any space in your home. We pride ourselves on the ability to provide our customers with the best in materials and workmanship. From picking out your stone type and style from our shop, to having it installed in your own home, we know you will be taken care of. Whether your job is a small residential vanity, a large-scale renovation, to a commercial project, we are able to service all of your needs!