Basement Development & Design

The most crucial and important part of basement design is space. Everyone who develops a basement is doing so for ADDED SPACE. That space may be a man cave, guest / in-law suite, extra living or entertaining area, you name it – we can design it!

Trust in our experience as we guide you through what will work best for design layout. We know the guidelines and requirements for basement design and permitting. We can assist in you from consultation to permitting all the way through to construction.

Kara Interior Design recommends that our clients avoid purchasing furniture or large statement pieces without a space planning booklet. Our team can provide you with basement development layout that outlines the size and dimensions of each space. This is the best tool our clients can carry with them as they make their furniture selections, it always saves them time from returns and money in the long run.



Whether you are building a new home or renovating, our design team will help you make the best decisions about your flooring design selections. Our designers are skilled, passionate and experienced in all aspects of flooring. Our design center provides our customers with high quality flooring products to suite everyone’s budget. Our interior design team can advise you on the type of flooring that is best suited to your lifestyle and application. We offer excellent brand names, exceptional workmanship and outstanding customer service.




Kara Interior Design also focuses on providing lighting for your lifestyle. Our design team knows how important it is to have the proper lighting to proudly highlight all aspects and finishes you want to showcase in your home. Our lighting design consultants can work with your vision and budget to find beautiful solutions for any space.

Lighting is the jewelry of the home. Lighting not only creates your home’s ambience, but it draws the eyes of your guest to the areas you want them to see and away from the areas that you don’t. Kara Interior Design can help you reconstruct your lighting through remodeling or simply update your space with fixtures.


Furniture, Art & Decorating

This is the fun part that solidifies your design. Kara Interior Design can make a room with nothing but paint showcase your style and personality. It’s all about the details. We work with you to create a living space that fits your lifestyle. Many designers forget that not all people with children want a white sofa, or that beautiful crystal chandelier will take the better part of your Sunday to dust. We know all the details – so what are you waiting for?


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